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WIINSTON Shares Nostalgia-tinged Single “TIME”: Listen

“TIME” is out on Copenhagen Records Channeling guitar riffs and melodies of the late 90s, Danish duo WIINSTON drops their latest single “TIME.” While maintaining hints of R&B flare, the group’s first single of the year pivots toward upbeat punk-pop as they reflect on a simple question – “where did all the time go?“  ...

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Danish Singer Elliot Returns with “Drown”: Listen

“drown” is out via Copenhagen Records 18-year-old Danish sensation Elliot is back with a moody new single “drown” and its catchy melody and soul-touching lyrics demand your attention. The song is about reaching out to your loved ones while also giving them strength and helping them through hard times. It couldn’t have arrived at a...

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WIINSTON Takes Us On A ‘Trip’: Stream

WIINSTON’s ‘trip’ is out on Copenhagen Records Danish alt-R&B duo WIINSTON is back with a new single called “trip” and it’s a trap-infused banger in the vein of Migos and other prominent rappers. The single follows their 2019 album, JELLYFISH and represents an interesting departure from the atmospheric and organic sounds that led the album.    ...

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kill j

Kill J Delivers Slice of Pop Perfection on “Moon Sick”: Listen

“Moon Sick” is out now on No3 Music Pop songstress Kill J is back to release her latest single, “Moon Sick,” a slick 3 am slow jam that finds the Danish singer flexing her amazing vocal range effortlessly over a dark electropop beat. The new single is off the artist’s forthcoming debut album, Superposition due June 14th...

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Maximillian Shares Latest Single, “Beautiful Scars”: LISTEN

“Beautiful Scars” is out now on Copenhagen Records People can spend their entire lives running from their pasts, covering their scars, and pretending nothing had ever happened. Not Danish alt-pop artist Maximillian. Today, the rising 20-year-old artist is standing in the light and sharing his first single of 2019, “Beautiful Scars.”   Trust and believe, it’s...

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“What A Life” with Scarlet Pleasure: STREAM

“What A Life” is out now on Copenhagen Records Danish act Scarlet Pleasure have shared their latest single, “What A Life” and it’s a must-hear electro-pop tune about a generation high on life and maybe a few other things. The playful production is inspired by the Italian folk song, ‘Bella Ciao’, an anti-fascist resistance song during World War...

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David44 Releases New Single “Truth”: STREAM

Truth is out on Copenhagen Records Over the last few years, rising producer/artist DAVID44 has become one of Denmark’s must-watch artists. Known for fusing pop with soulful, electronic earworms, the Icelandic-bred David Olafsson is crafting a fresh, must-hear sound. Now, after racking up nearly 7 million collective streams on his first four singles, DAVID44 is back with “Truth.” The...

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Lightwave Empire Releases Debut Album, “Heart of Noise”

Heart of Noise is out now via Copenhagen Records Following a moving release in June, Danish pop act Lightwave Empire returns to close out the summer with the release of their debut album, Heart of Noise. The album is noted as being born from and inspired by the darkness and tragedy of suicide — a personal misfortune lead...

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