Heart of Noise is out now via Copenhagen Records

Following a moving release in June, Danish pop act Lightwave Empire returns to close out the summer with the release of their debut album, Heart of Noise. The album is noted as being born from and inspired by the darkness and tragedy of suicide — a personal misfortune lead singer Bjarke Niemman’s family faced. Though inspired by pain, many of the tracks exude an uplifting and comforting outlook on the present and future. A guiding force during trying times for Niemman.

Leading the release of the album is the band’s newest single, “Better Days Ahead.” As the title suggests, the track is an ode to an approaching horizon and relief, something not always immediately visible when you’re directly involved in a tragic situation. The track relies heavily on guitars and a lo-fi organ to build the upbeat melody that perfectly complements Niemann’s soft vocal. Stream the track below.

“Better Days Ahead” is produced by Dave Sardy (LCD Soundsystem, RHCP) and is out now along with the entire album. Stream the album below, and be sure not to miss our early favorites, “Turn on the Machine,” “Here Comes the Sun,” “Homes of Steel,” and “In My Universe.”

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