“Beautiful Scars” is out now on Copenhagen Records

People can spend their entire lives running from their pasts, covering their scars, and pretending nothing had ever happened. Not Danish alt-pop artist Maximillian. Today, the rising 20-year-old artist is standing in the light and sharing his first single of 2019, “Beautiful Scars.”
Trust and believe, it’s not a skip. Led by Max’s powerful voice and lyricism, the downtempo track finds the young singer embracing the bruises and imperfections of his past, and using his newfound strength to heal and grow. Stream “Beautiful Scars” below.

“I made a lot of bad decisions, hung out with the wrong people and did a lot of things I regret. “Beautiful Scars” is me facing my life growing up. It’s about how I used to behave and treat people around me. How we all have inner demons that sometimes burst out in the world with no warning,” Maximillian explains in a press release. “I believe it’s important to embrace your demons. No one’s perfect – so embrace that – and live your life as good as you possibly can!”
The powerful new track follows Maximillian’s haunting 2018 single “Hollow Days,” as well as his hits “Higher,” “Strangers,” and “Feelings,” which have amassed millions of streams across platforms.

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