“Moon Sick” is out now on No3 Music

Pop songstress Kill J is back to release her latest single, “Moon Sick,” a slick 3 am slow jam that finds the Danish singer flexing her amazing vocal range effortlessly over a dark electropop beat. The new single is off the artist’s forthcoming debut album, Superposition due June 14th on No3 Music/Nettwerk Records.

Speaking on the track, Kill J explains: “I was inspired by the multiverse theory within quantum mechanics. There as many universes as there are choices, for every choice we make, there is a corresponding world. Somewhere there is a universe, where I’m not an idiot and I am in a perfect relationship.”  Listen below.


“Moon Sick” follows the release of 2018’s fiercely political “Strange Fruits of The Sea” the powerful “Dead Weight Soldier,” and this year’s “Silver Spoon” and “Addicted.” Listen to “Moon Sick” on Spotify and Apple Music. Rewatch Kill J’s video for “Addicted” below and look out for Superposition on June 14th.

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