“TIME” is out on Copenhagen Records

Channeling guitar riffs and melodies of the late 90s, Danish duo WIINSTON drops their latest single “TIME.” While maintaining hints of R&B flare, the group’s first single of the year pivots toward upbeat punk-pop as they reflect on a simple question – “where did all the time go?

The new single sees lead singer Daniel Richards and producer Alfred Thomas aka WIINSTON, once again experimenting with new sounds. On the follow-up to their latest albums, which were more electro-R&B and trap-infused, this track shows their sonic identity is as chameleonic and compelling as any of their past records — making for an exciting experience with each release.

“TIME” sees the pair collaborating with UK/DK duo rosegold. Together, they’ve made an energetic track that’ll have some listeners nostalgic for those infamous high school coming-of-age movies and soundtracks. Check it out below. See all WIINSTON coverage.

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