Wake Up, Sunshine is out via Fueled By Ramen

Three years following their last album, All Time Low finally dropped their eighth studio album Wake Up, Sunshine on April 3rd. On this new LP, the Baltimore-natives return to their pop-punk roots while still creating refreshing, new music. Packed with charisma, positivity, and fun lyrics, Wake Up, Sunshine is their best album since 2012s Don’t Panic. The album features a hefty 15-song tracklist but here are the 5 best tracks you need to check out first from the band’s new LP:

5. Pretty Venom (Interlude)

Despite breaking the album’s high energy midway through, Pretty Venom (Interlude) remains both catchy and captivating. This song perfectly bridges the gap between the two halves of the album while establishing its own unique and memorable presence that an interlude usually does not have. With some of the most introspective lyrics and haunting melody, this quick 3-minute track is a must.

4. Glitter & Crimson

The pounding drums, catchy bass line, and charming acoustic guitar make for one of the most pleasant tracks to listen to. However, Glitter & Crimson also delivers one of the most unexpected moments off of this LP with singer Alex Gaskarth delivering surprisingly powerful, almost scream-like vocals at the tail end of the track. For the breakdown alone, you can’t skip over this essential track.

3. Monsters (feat. blackbear)

A collaboration between All Time Low and rapper blackbear didn’t seem like something that would work very well, but it very much did. Blackbear’s feature isn’t out of place, but rather a fun addition to an already compelling song. Steady guitars and a smooth bass line support Gaskarth’s voice through energetic verses and an irreverently catchy chorus. As one of the most anticipated tracks due to its feature, Monsters is a must-listen.

2. Getaway Green

Getaway Green was one of the first few songs to be released, first being performed at Slam Dunk Fest about a year ago before its official studio release in mid-March. Immediately, this song was a standout favorite among myself and other fans. Both the live and studio versions are endlessly upbeat and fun, reminiscent of the band’s 2009 LP Nothing Personal. This song is an immediate staple not only on Wake Up, Sunshine but also in the complete All Time Low discography.

1. Clumsy

Both 80s tinged and nostalgic to All Time Low’s past eras, Clumsy showcases how the band can try new things while remaining grounded in their pop-punk roots. All the members are full force in this track; Jack Barakat’s guitars on the hooks are instantly memorable, Zack Merrick delivers a steady but critical bassline, and Rian Dawson’s drums are the driving force behind the whole track. Meanwhile, Alex Gaskarth delivers some of the strongest, most compelling, and most charismatic vocals seen on this album. Soon enough, Clumsy will become an all-time favorite, with fans begging to see it live for years to come.


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