Elovay’s “Extra Unmotivated” features on the band’s Sort It Out EP

We’ve all had those mornings where we get out of bed, just to barely make it over to the couch. Probably now more than ever after a few weeks of social distancing and self-quarantining. LA-based indie rockers Elovay knows the dreary feeling of isolation and returns with a music video for “Extra Unmotivated” to help get us through it.

Filmed at lead singer Xavier Brinkman’s home in Silver Lake, the video sees the frontman just going through the motions after a long night. From bathing with his clothes on to sitting on the kitchen floor drinking bubbly, the video captures the band’s eccentric sense of humor in a lighthearted way.

The track first sparked after a few industry rejections and one too many bad days. Living in a city of self-motivated people, LA can be tough to survive, and the song encapsulates accepting an unproductive day after navigating some highs and lows. In between cameos by Desanka Julia Ilic and Maude Garrett, the Edgar Hernandez-directed video captures the band out stirring trouble in Glendale and jamming out in Brinkman’s back patio.

“Extra Unmotivated” is the opener on Elovay’s Sort It Out EP, which was co-created with Grammy-nominated producer Billy Mohler. In addition to song features on Shameless, support from MTV AUS/NZ, and Ones To Watch, the indie quartet is preparing to release new sun-soaked California-tinged music in 2020. Keep an eye on all future updates here.

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