“Fou / Exit” is out via microqlima

French pop sextet L​’Impératrice have shared “Fou / Exit,” their first new product since starting a two-year tour in 2018. In 99 Luftballons’ fashion, the group uploaded two versions of the song, “Fou” in their native tongue and “Exit” in English.

“Fou/Exit” is the band’s melodic farewell to the 2010s, a decade that showed them great success beginning with their 2012 self-titled EP. The song takes on a more radio-friendly structure compared to their typical trance-like jams, giving it a very domestic feeling. Supported by their signature posh groove, the lyrics call for a return to something real, as if looking at their success as well as the “consoomer” fueled boom that was the latter half of the 2010s and asking “​at what cost?” It’s the beautiful sunset that acid rain brings, it’s Don Draper sitting cross-legged on a California coastline looking for some peace inside himself.

L’Impératrice is set to make their Coachella debut this October and has pushed back their next US tour to the Spring of 2021. In the meantime, we can hope for more new songs and quarantine concerts

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