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Damn. Canadian electronic duo Loud Luxury sure knows how to throw a party. A few weeks ago, Andrew Fedyk and Joe De Pace returned to D.C.’s Echostage on their Nights Like This tour and it was such an incredible time.

While this latest tour is demanding sold-out crowds on the heels of the success of “Body,” Joe and Andrew have followed up their global hit with the infectious crossover “I’m Not Alright” featuring fellow breakout artist Bryce Vine.

As seen with their scorching Lollapalooza set and again at Echostage, the best is still on the way from Loud Luxury. In addition to throwing down hot remixes of Lewis Capaldi‘s “Someone You Loved” and a throwback Zedd party-starter, the duo made D.C.’s crowd go absolutely crazy for some unreleased Loud Luxury tracks.

“Cold Feet,” a hit waiting to happen, blasted from the speakers to an insane response from the crowd. The guys played the tour’s title track shortly after – pushing the energy in the room to new levels. Not to mention their on-stage magnetism really leading the vibes and setting the tone for an epic night.
From jumping off the decks during explosive visual moments to riling up the crowd with banger after banger, Loud Luxury is carving their own path with an increasingly epic live show and some really great music. One of the best things that you can ask from two guys providing a heartbeat to parties around the world.
The unstoppable “Body” continues a life of its own but the duo is looking ahead at future releases and with good reason. While details are currently unconfirmed, Andrew and Joe discussed creating an EP during our Lollapalooza interview in August and after D.C.’s wild Echostage show, it’s clear their unreleased tracks are just waiting to take off.
With “I’m Not Alright” proving Loud Luxury can crank out back-to-back party-favorite hits, it’ll be great to see what the duo has planned next. See all future Loud Luxury tour dates here and past coverage here.

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