SuperM1st Mini Album out via Capitol Records

A few weeks ago, I attended my first K-pop show – SuperM at Eaglebank Arena – and I can literally still hear the euphoric screams ringing in my ears. Though South Korea’s latest rising act formed just this year, its members hail from some of the genre’s most popular and acclaimed bands. So the unwavering cheers were just the beginning.

Featuring SHINee‘s Taemin, EXOs Baekhyun and Kai, Taeyong, and Mark from NCT 127, and Ten and Lucas from WayV, the 7-person supergroup is the brainchild of S. Korea’s SM Entertainment and Capitol Records, and they’re “Jopping” (jumping + popping) their way to the top.

In October, the group shared its eponymous EP, SuperM – The 1st Mini Album, which landed atop the Billboard 200 upon its release. Making SuperM the first Korean group to claim the top spot with a debut release. While the group consists of some of Korea’s biggest names, claiming Billboard’s #1 spot ahead of major American music acts is a convincing indicator of the growing power of K-pop stateside and SuperM’s swarming fandom.

Their heart-racing show at Eaglebank Arena was just as powerful. Entering the venue, it wasn’t hard to imagine the crowd this show might attract as dedicated fans decked out in official and homemade band shirts filled the seats with SuperM fanlights and posters in-hand.

However, I completely underestimated how intense the show would actually get. The epic instrumentals of the band’s hit single “Jopping” played as the sold-out arena filled to the brim. The buzzing noise of excitement never simmered from there.
From the moment SuperM’s show started, the entire arena was completely engulfed by some of the most intricate and cinematically-breathtaking visuals I’ve seen outside of an EDM production. On top of that, each member of SuperM moved with laser precision on stage, which made almost every single person in attendance scream, unlike anything I’ve ever heard.

“I Can’t Stand The Rain” and “No Manners” – new tracks from the supergroup – were huge moments during the show and even though the songs are relatively new, the nearly 10,000 in attendance knew every single word. They made that gladly known and at that point, I thought the show couldn’t get any better. Yet, in-between group performances, individual members returned to deliver outstanding performances.

I won’t lie, at some points, I wasn’t sure exactly what was being said but it didn’t make a difference. The trap-infused electropop beats and emotional deliveries provided one hell of a soundtrack for the night and were pretty fun to dance along to. Really, it’s hard not to enjoy yourself as you watch fans absolutely losing it to Kai singing “Confession” and Lucas taking the stage for his solo performance.

The show could not end without a proper performance of “Jopping” and what a moment it was. Throughout the night, different members referred to the night being “hot” and alluded to the night’s historic and intimate connection – “Jopping” felt like that moment.

While SuperM’s 2019 run has ended. The 7-person supergroup returns with select dates in 2020 and beyond. Click HERE for all future tour dates and stream SuperM’s – The 1st Mini Album.


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