“I’m Not Alright” with Bryce Vine is out on Sire Records/Armada Music

Canadian electronic duo Loud Luxury has really exploded over the last two years. Comprised of longtime friends, Andrew Fedyk and Joe De Pace, the duo dropped their global smash “Body” feat. brando in late 2017 and the track has since taken a complete life of its own. In addition to being the 2018 most played song on dance radio and accumulating over 600 million streams – the track is a multi-platinum success across the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, Switzerland, and more. It also held the #1 spot on the U.S. Dance Airplay chart for two weeks, charted on U.S. Pop radio’s Top 40, and peaked at #4 on the U.K.’s Singles chart.
Since then, Andrew and Joe have followed up their unstoppable hit with “Love No More” featuring anders, which quickly cleared 100+ million streams, and now with their guitar-led crossover, “I’m Not Alright” with Bryce Vine. The back-to-back earworms all built toward an unforgettable summer for the pair, including coveted mainstage sets at TomorrowlandParookaville, a showstopping debut at Lollapalooza, and a future date at Mysteryland.

Loud Luxury @ Lollapalooza, Polaroid by Matt Torres/Soundazed

I caught up with Loud Luxury moments after their truly insane set at Lollapalooza to discuss their upcoming Nights Like This Tour, the runaway success of “Body,” their latest hit with Bryce Vine and much more. Read on below for the full scoop.


You guys just finished playing an epic set at Lollapalooza.

Andrew: So much fun — I’m soaked in sweat right now.

Your set conflicted with some big names but you still pulled in a huge crowd.

Joe: It means a lot, honestly. Chicago turned up, I love it here.

Andrew: It just makes us fall in love more and more with this city. It’s such a great vibe —  we’re coming back ASAP. We’re actually back in the fall for a headline show so we’re really excited for that one.

For years, you’ve made a strong name for yourselves in the dance community but last year saw you release the inescapable “Body.” What do you think makes that track so irresistible?

Joe: Honestly, I had no idea when we released it. I just hoped it would do well, I didn’t know it was going to be that big or catchy but there are just those moments that work. It’s catchy, you can sing along to it, you can drive with the windows down.

Andrew: If we had a formula, every song would be this crazy global smash but at the end of the day, we’re just making music we love and we hope that other people love it. That song just felt special to us.

Was there a moment when the song came out that solidified for you that it was about to explode?

Andrew: Oh, yeah. A very specific snowstorm.

Joe: When everybody started singing the words and we were just so shocked that people knew the track. We played in Boston and there was a snowstorm so we thought no one was going to show up. Then we played the show at The Grand and literally it was so busy. We played “Body” and everybody knew the words and we were just like what the hell is going on?

You were recently awarded ‘Dance Recording of the Year’ at Juno’s. With so much amazing music coming out of Canada, How does it feel to receive this recognition?

Andrew: Exciting — it was really cool for us, even the idea that our music mattered in that way. We make our music just because we love it. So for something we hold in high regard like the Junos to say the song was important and worthy of the award was a great feeling. I thought it was just a fun song to party and didn’t really even think of it like that, so it was really cool.

Most recently, you guys collaborated with Bryce Vine on “I’m Not Alright.” How did you all first link up to make the track?

Joe: We met through a mutual friend in LA. We were just out partying one night and they linked us up, asked if we wanted to get in the studio with him. We got in the studio and heard just a small snippet of the chorus with a bit of the guitar and it sounded amazing. So we built an entire song around it and we ended up writing basically everywhere we were on the road. We basically wrote the verses here in Chicago, so it was a really cool song to work on.

Andrew: Yeah, the reaction’s been amazing. Really loved playing the track today here at Lolla. It was really fun.

Between the two of you, are there ever moments where you struggle to create music together? Or differ on the direction to take a certain sound? How do you resolve it?

Andrew: Let’s say a direction one of us chooses isn’t a vibe that we agree with, instead of trying to fight and argue that this is important, we just kinda move on and focus on a different track that we both see eye to eye on because at the end of the day that’s the glue that’s going to make us work.

Joe: There’s so much stuff to work on, there’s never going to be a shortage of music to work on, so we always just find the things we agree on.

At the end of August, you’ll kick off your first North American headline tour in Salt Lake City — with a stop November 16 at Echostage in DC. What can fans expect from this live show?

Joe: We love Echostage, we were just actually with the owner a few days ago. He’s a really close friend of ours — he booked us for our second show ever in America, so Echostage holds a very special spot in our hearts.

Andrew: We’re really excited because beyond the Bryce track, we have a lot of new music coming out. We want this to feel like more of a concert with our original music rather than us just playing other people’s music.

Joe: We have special production that we’ve made just for this tour. We’re bringing a full team — it started with just Andrew and I. Then we got a tour manager and now we have a lighting and visual guy, we have a production team, and we’re bringing the full team, so we’re ready to put on a big show and it’s going to be cool.

We know you guys can drop a summer banger but what can expect this fall?


Andrew: We just finished a bunch of new music while in Amsterdam, between the two weekends of Tomorrowland.

Tomorrowland was probably amazing and Amsterdam is such a beautiful city.

Andrew: Love that city.

Joe: This month has just been a checklist of us playing our favorite festivals in the world — Lollapalooza on my birthday, Tomorrowland, and others.

Andrew: So, we have all this music that’s finished and we love, now we’re just figuring out how we want to release it. So I think we might want to do like an EP, who knows.

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So, EP over a full-length this year?

Andrew: Definitely EP, we want to keep things bite-sized for now. We’re still just starting to tell our story and I feel like I still have a lot of growth to experience, even just getting better at making music, to want to make an album so I think it’s all about timing for now.

It’s great that you guys are so aware of where you are in your path.

Joe: Yeah, we’re just doing what feels right. Basically, it comes down to the fact that we’ve made a lot of music and there’s a bunch of songs we feel really good about so we’re going to put those together soon.

I know you were recently tapped to remix Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber’s collab track. Are there any tracks out there currently that you’d love to remix and add the Loud Luxury touch to?

Andrew: There’s definitely songs we feel that way about every day but right now we’re just so focused on making original music, so that’s where a lot of the energy is right now.

Joe: A lot of the people that I would want to remix, I would inevitably want to work with, so I’d rather just hold out and wait for that collab track.

You just released “I’m Not Alright” but can we expect another single soon?

Andrew: Maybe not singles but we want to release more music. Part of the pain of “Body” taking time to really take off is that we’ve been sitting on a lot of music that we’ve been wanting to do stuff with.

Joe: There’s one that we’re working on right now that we’re super excited about that could be the next single but we’re focusing on “I’m Not Alright” for now.

Will we get a music video for “I’m Not Alright” then?

Joe: Yeah, we’re working on it now and have some of the pre-stages done. Unfortunately, we had a little block when we were going to film it but our schedules got really tied up. Now, we’re just working on finding a good time before the tour to film everything.

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