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It’s no secret LPX (aka Lizzy Plapinger) is a total badass and this week the NYC-based artist is sharing the stunning video for her track, “Give Up The Ghost.” The song closes out LPX’s indulgent 4-track Junk of the Heart EP, which was independently released last month.

Directed, edited and produced by Alex Colby and LPX, the video finds Lizzy zooming through New York as she leaves the night in the rearview with her sights set on a literal brighter horizon. Full speed, windows down, and with the wind in her hair, LPX’s cathartic trip symbolizes her transition in life and the phases she’s overcome. See the video in full below.

The video closes with a huge infectious smile from Lizzy following a visual and sonic reaffirmation that LPX is 100% the real deal and quickly rising. With, “Give Up The Ghost,” LPX demonstrates how effortlessly she lives at the powerful crossroads of pop and rock while thriving from a sound all her own. We recently caught up with LPX regarding “Give Up The Ghost” and more. Stream Junk of the Heart EP while checking out an excerpt from our interview below.

LPX, in our March interview, on ‘Give Up The Ghost’:

Lizzy: You can’t really ever pick favorites but that one is all-timer for me. I know you shouldn’t feel that way but I really love this song. It’s one that poured out of me within twenty minutes. My friend, Guy [Connelly], who produced it, was playing the chords and I immediately got in the vocal booth and pretty much the first thing that came out of my mouth were those lyrics and that melody. I think most of the final product are those very first takes and I just burst into tears while we were recording it. It became this reaffirmation of forward movement and I think that song is about letting go of past relationships and a past identity of who I thought I was going to be while still carrying them with me in a new light. I think that song is so powerful and special.

On a nerdy music level, I had been living with that new The War On Drugs record, intimately. It had seeped into the veins of my soul and I wanted to make something a little more bound to what I was listening to at the time. It felt like a special nod, thank you, and an homage to a band that I feel helped me through a really hard time.

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