Duality is out today on Virgin EMI/Astralwerks

For over a decade, Duke Dumont has allowed his potent music to speak for itself. From first smashing public consciousness in the early 2010s, to now, with the arrival of his first opus, Duality, Dumont has time and again proven his distinct ability to compose cathartic and provocative music rooted in deep house but truly transcendent of genres and typical typecasting. 

Duality, the long-awaited debut album from Duke Dumont, triumphantly arrives today, and it’s an exquisite piece of art. The 10-track album must be played in its entirety for full appreciation of its genius and stunning journey. It’s one that’ll have you emotionally immersed in its poetic hooks even as it demands bodies to the dance floor.

The album’s title captures the junction of introspection and club bangers with immense accuracy. Featuring a dream set of collaborators, Duality enlists a diverse cast that profoundly complement Duke’s astonishing production. Previously shared singles, “Therapy,” and “The Power” featuring Zak Abel, open the album with enthusiasm before landing on the standout track, “Obey.” Featuring New Jersey artist Roland Clark, the song takes an ominous, and industrial-sounding turn as Clark delivers anthemic lines on consumerism, control, and authority. While in the process, perfectly capturing Dumont’s knack for producing ardent waves of euphoria.

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The incomparable Niia then delivers the album’s first female vocal on “The Fear.” Adding delicate tranquility to the track’s thumping synths and vivid string arrangements. Australian duo Say Lou Lou jump in soon after on “Nightcrawler,” a track made for topdown summer nights. It serves as the perfect prelude to “Ocean Drive.” Which five years after entering our hearts, lands on the album as proof of its exceptional perpetuity.

As the song defies the test of time, it also serves as a turning point. “Together” featuring How To Dress Well follows with an immense call for unification and love. “Together, no one’s gonna stop us / together; love can find a way” the Colorado vocalist croons through distortion. The track’s arpeggio synths then lead to new heights as fusions of roaring drums and percussions chaotically sparkle. It’s a sonic rebirth on the album and a brilliant moment.

Following the previously shared “Love Song,” Dumont flexes his dynamic versatility with the dramatic prelude “Overture.” Appropriately titled for its operatic sensibilities, the interlude leads to album closer “Let Me Go” featuring RY X. Like the sun hitting your eyes after a night in an underground club or an extravagant theatrical play finding its ending, the cinematic masterpiece closes an outstanding endeavor but not before providing one more moment to relish with tears in our eyes.

Duke Dumont’s Duality is more than just a debut album years in the making. It’s a definitive moment for electronic music. Like “Ocean Drive” and prior #1 singles, the album will withstand the test of time as a cornerstone release. One that’ll influence not only electronic records that follow but any artist with the sense to create a body of work that transcends genres, audiences, and emotions. Duality is out today on Virgin EMI/Astralwerks. Stream the album on all available platforms.

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