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Dorian Electra returns with the music video for “Guyliner” and I am living for it. Channeling the unforgettable emo/MySpace days of the mid-2000s, Dorian’s joy in blurring masculinity and feminity has my Top 8 quaking.

From the amazing opening aesthetics giving 2002 Good Charlotte a run for their money to the guylining steampunk wizard, jock Dorian (who we all know is obviously dating emo Dorian), Emo-Zilla moon-smasher, and the motorcycle ending –  Dorian and creative partner Weston Allen have outdone themselves. Watch below.


“Guyliner” also sees guest appearances by Nadya from Pussy Riot, Hana, Smrtdeath, Chester Lockhart, K.O and more. The video follows a whirlwind year for the rising pop artist. In addition to surpassing 1 million streams on “Flamboyant,” “Career Boy,” and “Man To Man,” Dorian performed sold-out shows across the U.S. and Europe, toured with Charli XCX, and so much more that you can see for yourself on The Flamboyant Tour: Chapter II.

Dorian’s largest headline tour to date already kicked off, with shows promised across the US, AUS, UK, and Europe. UK/EU dates start in London April 24th and end in Turin. See tickets here and past coverage here.
The Flamboyant Tour: Chapter II Dates
Feb 19 – Toronto, ON
Feb 21 – Chicago, IL
Feb 24 – Minneapolis, MN
Feb 27 – Melbourne
Feb 28 – Melbourne
Feb 29 – Sydney
March 1 – Adelaide
March 12 – Seattle, WA
March 13 – Portland, OR 
March 14 – Vancouver, BC
March 20 – San Francisco, CA
March 21 – Los Angeles, CA
March 25 – New York, NY
March 26 – Washington, DC 
March 28 – Cambridge, MA
April 24 – London
May 1 – Murcia
May 2 – Barcelona
May 6 – Lisbon
May 8 – Malaga
May 9 – Madrid
May 11 – Glasgow
May 12 – Manchester
May 15 – Brighton
May 16- Brussels
May 17th – Amsterdam
May 18 – Paris
May 19 – Paris
May 20 – Warsaw
May 21 – Prague
May 23 – Leipzig
May 24 – Birmingham
May 26 – Milan
May 27 – Turin

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Cover Photo Credit: Charlotte Rutherford

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