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Following the release of their comeback single “Hello Spirit,” Swedish duo Slide – aka Albin Skeppholm and Simon Werner – is back with a brand new track called “Waiting.” The track talks about how love can be the antidote to fear and also reflects on death, success, failure, and even global warming. “I realized I was really scared about the future and the only thing that made me calm was talking about these things with my girlfriend and how love is kind of this eternal larger than life thing,” shares the duo. The track is taken from their forthcoming EP, Things I Tell Myself.

According to the group, Things I Tell Myself will embrace their rebellious punk spirit, allowing the duo to explore new soundscapes, such as hip-hop beats and their strong pop sensibilities. Alongside the new song, a music video that was shot in Los Angeles was also released, which truly sets the mood for the song. Watch below.

“Waiting” is their second single following their debut EP, Into Happiness, a lovely collection of grunge-infused alt-pop anthems. Since then, they’ve continued to broaden their musical horizon and try new sounds on their releases. After hearing their first two new singles, it’s clear their upcoming EP will be worth the wait as they will surely deliver something unique.

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