“Overkill” is out via Platoon

Rising artist Holly Humberstone returns with the release of her new single, “Overkill.” Confessional and vulnerable, the song captures the in-between of finding the courage to share deeply personal emotions and feelings about another person. While downing a few glasses of confidence, the perception of a budding relationship changing course can send the mind swirling. Humberstone captures the thoughts running through her head with sobering precision.

“I’m excited to release ‘Overkill,’ that’s probably my favorite one,” Holly shared in our April interview. “It’s just loads of fun and I had the best time writing it.” The track, which was written with Rob Milton and Benjamin Francis Leftwich, is the third single from her upcoming debut EP due later this year via Platoon.

Due to ongoing quarantine, Holly had to get creative to make a visual for the new track. Set outside her childhood home, the video shows Humberstone guided by her sister while traversing an unconventional 5k jog. Through nature and abandoned structures at dusk, she’s seen playing her guitar without missing a beat. It’s the perfect visualization of capturing the unpredictable nature of the situation she describes in the track.

In just a matter of months, Holly Humberstone has continued to welcome a quick ascent. Her first two singles, which she played during her 2020 European tour with Lewis Capaldi, have already commanded over 14 million streams. Just a few of the reasons the 20-year-old artist is a new major force to keep an eye on. See our full interview with Holly here and stream “Overkill” here.

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