NO.SLEEP mix12 is the first “Intermission Broadcast” by Foreign Family Collective

Last week, ODESZA shared “NO.SLEEP mix12″ and I was immediately reminded of how they steadily remain as one of the big names in the game. This mix starts with a heartwarming message over an eclectic, ambient intro that gets you in a nice, warm place to lock in for an hour. Over the course of this compilation, I found myself just taking in the music’s collective message.

Personally, I see mixes as being able to serve a goal of combining songs and sounds to create an even larger picture or vibe than the usual music media. Odesza is no stranger to creating top-notch mixes and they produced another instant classic with “NO.SLEEP Mix12.” This mix is full of dance cuts, hip hop grooves and vocals, intense feelings and an aura of hopefulness.

Times are tough and we don’t know what’s to come. However, our ability to connect knows no bounds. At this point in time, we have to try our very best to try and connect to our loved ones and even strangers. Take this mix as a way to connect with your own feelings at this moment in time and try to connect to someone with that energy. The pair mention in the mix’s description: “These mixes are a reminder of the power of music to bring people together even when we are apart.” Stream NO.SLEEP Mix12.

A Message from my Mom 🙂 – H
Tourist – Elixir
HAIM – Walking Away (Mura Masa Remix)
RJD2 – Smoke & Mirrors
Caribou – Home
Drake – Nice For What (Ticklish & Uki edit)
Jarami – Bahia x Tints Edit
SG Lewis x Clairo – Better
Darius (ft. Wayne Snow) – Lost In The Moment
Stumbleine – Heart Shaped Locket (Essáys Sunchain Remix)
Rufus – Underwater (HJ Edit)
Christian Löffler – York x Chromatics – Sound of Silence
Rhye – Song For You (Jacques Greene Remix)
??? – ???
Sophie – Faceshopping (Madeaux Remix)
Moderat – Versions
Vasser – Whatever You Want
Kenton Slash Demon – Syko
Kiasmos – Burnt
Touch Sensitive – Before U Met My Body
Max Cooper – Perpetual Motion
Jon Hopkins – Emerald Rush
Four Tet – Baby
Rice Boy Sleeps – Happiness

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