Live and Stripped EP is out on Harvest Records

Earlier this week, BANKS announced a 4-song EP, Live and Stripped, and it’s quite a gift for fans. Starting with the release of “Drowning,” from her debut album, Goddess, the tracks have been released throughout the week alongside a series of videos taped during a 1 Mic 1 Take session at Capitol Studios. See the first video below.

On Live and Stripped, the world is once again reminded of the extraordinary talent BANKS possessees. From her poignant, poetic lyricism to her deep and haunting vocals – there truly is no one like her. Thankfully, in addition to “Drowning,” the new EP also features three tracks from 2019s album, III: “Contaminated,”  “Stroke,” and “If We Were Made of Water.”

The black and white 1 Mic 1 Take session adds such a beautiful touch to the EP’s minimalistic aesthetic. The videos are truly one take – without overdubs or visual editing tricks – and in turn, honestly capture BANKS’ emotional vibrato and heartfelt delivery. See the complete set of videos on BANKS’ YouTube page and stream the songs on all DSPs. Find past BANKS coverage here.

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