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Foreign Family Collective

bronson heart attack

BRONSON Shares Debut Music Video for “HEART ATTACK”

“HEART ATTACK” is out via Ninja Tune/Foreign Family Collective Last month, Odesza and Golden Features announced a collaborative project called BRONSON. Now, the collective trio is unveiling the compelling video for “HEART ATTACK.” Arriving at a pivotal time, the animation portrays the journey of a woman seeking inspirational light. Emboldened in her battle against powerful forces, she navigates...

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Stream Odesza’s Eclectic, Downtempo “NO.SLEEP mix12”

NO.SLEEP mix12 is the first “Intermission Broadcast” by Foreign Family Collective Last week, ODESZA shared “NO.SLEEP mix12″ and I was immediately reminded of how they steadily remain as one of the big names in the game. This mix starts with a heartwarming message over an eclectic, ambient intro that gets you in a nice, warm place...

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