Spring Awakening returns on June 7-9: TICKETS

Ah, Spring Awakening — the land of dubstep, riddim, and EDM legends. The 2019 lineup dropped earlier this year and it’s filled with some of the top EDM artists the world has to offer. Located in the heart of Chicago, Spring Awakening is like a smaller version of EDC Las Vegas but with more affordable packages and less anthem-like artists.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of mind-bending artists that will leave you in an altered state of reality when you ride the rails to their sets at Spring Awakening 2019. We’re talking the living legends of EDM, ladies, and gentleman.


1. Blunts & Blondes

Mike Guard, also known as the hit riddim prince Blunts & Blondes, is bound to bring a huge crowd to his Spring Awakening set. As Chicago always shows up with a huge dubstep presence, this Tampa-based artist continuously delivers large amounts of bass, dubstep, and of course, smoke to his performances. At his sold-out Concord Music Hall show in Chicago with Subtronics and Zia Sounds, the venue was packed to the brim with fans itching for more. Don’t sleep on this performance, folks.

2. Rezz

At this point, this nearly household name should come as no shock to the inhabitants of this year’s Spring Awakening crew, as Rezz is bound to draw nearly the entire festival to her set. With heavy bass and trance beats all around, this fiery artist has been recognized by nearly everyone in the world as her own genre of EDM, not just being labeled “unique” or “popular”. If we could name our favorite track, we would, but alas we’re too afraid we’ll face the wrath of Rezz’s army, a.k.a. some of the most loyal fans in EDM history.

3. Malaa

Known for his recent publicity stunt where he was arrested mid-performance at a Bassmnt event in San Diego, Malaa is to deliver quite the anticipated performance this summer. Recently airing his set from Ultra Music Festival in Miami this past weekend, the set shows Malaa being “uncuffed” by hired actor Officer Burke. Needless to say, the set is bound to deliver a thrilling response from the crowd.

4. Rusko

Rusko is not only a massively-popular artist in the EDM community but also holds a massive stage presence whenever he performs. His tour videographer, Paul Wildum, caught him “dancing like a chicken” at a recent Los Angeles performance and boy, can we not wait to see this go down at Spring Awakening.

5. What So Not

Most recently known for killing his set at EDC Mexico, this Australian artist is topping the charts with his incredible new album, Not All The Beautiful ThingsFun fact: This artist was previously known as a duo with hit Australian artist Flume until their breakup in 2015.

Grab your tickets immediately before they sell out — head to the official Spring Awakening website to purchase!

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