¿Teo?’s self-titled debut album is available now

On Friday, Mateo Arias, better known as ¿Teo?, took the stage at U Street Music Hall on the second stop of his first solo tour. He exploded onto the stage with his band and his hardcore fans were super excited to see him.

Released in September, ¿Teo?‘s self-titled album perfectly showcases his deep Colombian-American roots and influences. With the help of his close friend Jaden Smith and MSFTSrep Music, ¿Teo? flawlessly transitions between Spanish and English lyrics throughout his songs, like in “Uno Dos” featuring Jaden Smith and “Orso (off top).” Both songs contain Spanish-style influences of Bossa-Nova and Bahia beats and finds the artist managing to blend two different genres of music to create his own Neo-americano cut of Bossa-nova hip-hop.
Teo 1¿Teo? at U St Music Hall. (Photo: Brenda Reyes)

The rising musician also played his non-album single, “Americano,” a true proclamation to the world that he is a proud Colombian American. Tapping into classical and hip-hop beats, Americano had the whole crowd hyped. Although Colombia’s history is notoriously known for drugs and violence within the country, Arias knows another aside to the country he calls his home. Like Kali UchisJ Balvin, and many other Colombian artists, you can add ¿Teo? to the list of artists not only proud to be Colombian but sharing their love with the world.

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I expect great things from ¿Teo? in the future, and I hope the energy and love from the crowd made D.C. a memorable stop for him. You can catch ¿Teo? through the beginning of May, see the full list of dates and more photos from the show below.
4/10/2019 – Atlanta, GA – Masquerada (Get Tickets)
4/24/2019 – Portland, OR – Holocene (Get Tickets )
4/25/2019 – Seattle, WA – The Crocodile (Get Tickets)
4/28/2019 – Sacramento, CA – Harlow’s (Get Tickets)
5/2/2019 – Oakland, CA – New Parish (Get Tickets)
5/3/2019 – Santa Barbara, CA – Velvet Jones (Get Tickets)
5/9/2019 – Los Angeles, CA – Troubadour (Get Tickets – Sold Out)
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