Supergiant is out now via Roll Call Records

Los Angeles-based rockers Valley Queen have released their debut album Supergiant. The album, which derives its name from our brightest and fastest-burning stars, is glimmering rock perfection and one of the best alternative releases of the year. Despite the head-rush of distorted guitars and drums that often guide the 10-track album, some of the greatest moments present themselves when lead singer Natalie Carol is wailing over a subdued, yet strongly cohesive band. The masterful juxtaposition of both elements not only demonstrates the band’s refined genre-bending versatility but also their immense growth — even since the release of their 2017 Destroyer – EP.


Aside from the album’s previously released singles, which pack a powerful and distinctive punch, our standout favorite tracks are “Gems and Rubies,” “Carolina,” and “Bedroom.” The latter track is a 5-minute journey featuring a beautifully ambient instrumental and is softly led by the powerhouse vocals of Natalie Carol. It’s a major highlight among an album packed with delicate intricacies and robust power chords. It also reiterates the band’s unprecedented versatility and desire to blend familiar folk melodies and sounds with the crashing uniqueness of their supernova rock. It’s an album you won’t want to miss and one that deserves to be listened to from beginning to end at least three times. Valley Queen will soon take Supergiant on the road, with dates confirmed across the U.S. through October. See the full dates here and stream the debut effort by Valley Queen.


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