“More Than You Know” is out via KIDinaKORNER

Indie-pop duo HOAX returns with “More Than You Know,” a passionately nostalgia-led track that examines the dichotomies between the traditional practice of arranged marriages and the widespread use of matchmaking algorithms and dating apps.

Concocting a magical sound that feels like glowing 60s summer pop, the new single calls on the past with waltz-like sounds while lyrically launching an abstract view of the unspoken sentiments people face when sparking these distinct relationships. It’s likely a dichotomy many have not considered, especially in a right-swipe society, but the parallels are astounding.

“More than you know/More there lies beneath the surface/More than I’ll show/I need you so” croons lead vocalist Mike Raj over lo-fi strings before drums and resounding harmonies kick in. It’s a fascinating perspective to consider a blind date fueled by your phone could conjure similar feelings as being introduced, by your parents, to the person you’ll certainly marry. Yet somehow, beneath the surface, it’s what many who put faith in an algorithm are anxiously seeking. Listen for yourself below.

HOAX, the brainchild of Mike Raj and Frantz Cesar, release “More Than You Know” as the fourth offering off their upcoming debut album, b? (part i), a two-part concept album exploring a post-apocalyptic society. Part one is due for an August release on Interscope subsidiary KIDinaKORNER and follows the release of “Unamerican Dream,” among others.

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