“Unamerican Dream” is out on KIDinaKORNER

Today, empathy pop band HOAX is sharing “Unamerican Dream,” the second single off their narrative-driven concept album, b? – a not often talked about perspective on the immigrant story in America.

“Unamerican Dream” is a direct playoff of the often idolized “American Dream” and centers around an immigrant father who, in facing his impending death, comes to terms with all his shortcomings and the vital and precious moments he has given up to chase something so out of reach. Stream the new single below.

Michael Raj and Frantz Cesar of HOAX are first-generation Americans with immigrant parents who came to the U.S. seeking a new life. Having been close to the subject, HOAX will be donating 50% of royalties from “Unamerican Dream” to KIND (Kids In Need of Defense), an organization that helps immigrant children who entered the U.S. alone find a safe haven.

HOAX’s debut album, b?, is a concept album that follows the narratives of 14 characters that have been thrown together in the aftermath of an Armageddon – one character for each full-length track on the album. Each song is written from the point of view of a character who explores the abstract concepts of the essence of “BEING” – an evident obsession of both the characters in the story and the band members themselves. The dichotomy of BEING vs. DOING is highlighted through careful lyrical content on the album.

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