“Love song” & “Buy Your Own Flowers” are out now: Stream

If airy, mesmeric vocals and vulnerably intimate lyrics over slow-burning R&B is your thing, Dominican-American artist María Isabel is an artist you can’t miss. Returning with two new singles, “Love song” and “Buy Your Own Flowers,” the Queens artist delivers a heartfelt reminder to herself to internalize the same amount of love and energy she exudes for others.

“This past year has been a very transitional time in my life,” reveals María. “With so much happening around me, I realized I was focused solely on things outside of myself. Both of these songs stem from that chaos for me. They are the story of me learning how to give myself the love and attention I was giving to everything else around me and remembering that I come first. I used to pair being alone and being lonely as identical truths, and now I feel differently and want to turn my new-found self-love into music.” Listen below.

“Love song” & “Buy Your Own Flowers” are Maria’s first releases following her debut EP, Stuck in the Sky. The release was highlighted by the singer’s breakout singles, “The 1” and “Where Does The Love Go?” featuring Yeek. With a charming timbre akin to Empress Of and Sabrina Claudio, Maria Isabel channels her lifelong passion for poetry to navigate the struggles and experiences inspiring her music. With a love of hazy, lush melodies, Isabel explores topics like mental health, family history, her heritage, and relationships, serving as the stepping stones for a budding songwriter on the rise. Listen to “Love song” and “Buy Your Own Flowers,” and stay tuned for more from María Isabel soon.

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