Los Angeles duo BETWEEN FRIENDS is delivering a fresh take on vaporwave electropop. Since making their 2013 debut on America’s Got Talent as a lively and exciting pop-rock band, the siblings have come a long way. Their chameleonic music lies at the intersection of an assortment of genres perfectly blended to create something off-kilter, vibrant, and unique.

Years after debuting, the band shared their debut EP; we just need some time together in 2018. The release made the duo quick fan favorites, with songs like “affection” amassing over 60 million streams. Now, after a three-year hiatus, the band is rolling out a knockout project with a full-length album on the horizon.

BETWEEN FRIENDS is comprised of brother-sister duo Brandon Hudson and Savannah Hudson. The band is releasing a 3-part mixtape project showing nothing but creativity, risk-taking, and exploration. So far, tape 001 and tape 002 are out and provide a fascinating taste ahead of tape 003.

tape 001 features pulsating kicks and experimental sound design across the entirety of the release. Track two, “shiny,” combines droning synths and chanting, anthemic vocals to create an eclectic and experimental sound akin to MIA, Crystal Castles, and other greats of the early 2000s. The band makes risky yet punchy music, time and time again. You can hear a timeless sound that is both futuristic and nostalgic. Especially on tracks “ae86” and “gushers.” Their music simply puts you in a state of bliss. Accompanied by the visuals for each song, the EP makes for a unique, outstanding experience. 

The second EP, tape002, presents a clear shift from the first. Instead, channeling a lighter, more upbeat tone. Like tape001, the release features moving and thumping beats accompanied by brilliant synths, various live instruments, and clever samples. This release feels like a move towards optimism and light-heartedness. As we move into spring and away from quarantine, this EP is an appreciation of what is to come following a long pandemic year. Stay on the lookout for the final installment of the band’s mixtape trilogy!  tape 002 is out via MCMXCV/bettersounds.

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