There is nothing more powerful than the abundance of love that pours out following an untimely passing.

For Danish pop-act Lightwave Empire, that outpour has culminated into their newest single “Too Close To The Sun.” The uplifting tune is born from pain, following a personal tragedy lead singer Bjarke Niemman’s family faced. As a result, Niemann felt compelled to write a series of blissful songs. The song is accompanied by a video recorded at a local Copenhagen specialist school for children with Down syndrome. While creating the track, Niemann recalls an emotional moment where he found himself on a bench outside, thinking of those close to him.

“From a distance, I saw a boy with Down syndrome walking in my direction… when he saw me, he instantly smiled and came up to me. He gave me a heartfelt hug and said: ‘you’re a really good guy’. The boy encouraged me as I intended to do with my song and I wanted to capture his warmth in a video. My mother used to be head of a school for children with Down syndrome where I played as a kid. Growing up, I was fascinated by their purity, vulnerability, lust for life, intense melancholy and sheer happiness.” 

The video is directed by Anders Malmberg (MØ, Savages) and captures some of the pure emotions Niemann describes experiencing throughout his life. Check out the video below and be sure to stream “Too Close To The Sun,” out Friday, June 22 via Copenhagen Records.

For more information regarding Down syndrome, visit the National Down Syndrome Society website.


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