The sessions follow Kim’s Clarity Tour: Photos

If you’ve gotten a chance to see Kim Petras in concert, you already know she arrives ready to serve exceptional vocals like a true pop star. Now, following her unmissable Clarity Tour, the rising singer-songwriter stopped at Vevo to perform her single, “Icy” and latest track, “Reminds Me.” The results are absolutely incredible.


At the forefront of these videos is Kim’s beautiful voice and vibrato. Guided only by an acoustic guitar, Petras annihilates her live sessions of both tracks. Pure evidence she has the artistry and range to deliver chilling versions of her songs under any condition.

“Reminds Me” is the latest track from the German artist. Arriving ahead of Valentine’s Day, the song perfectly captures the triggering awareness of getting over heartbreak.  That unmistakably piercing feeling is so evident as she hits every high note with emotional and technical precision.


Kim’s live sessions follows the 2019 release of Turn Off The Light, a sinister Halloween-themed EP, and her debut album, Clarity. While her tour is over, you can find future tickets here and past coverage here.

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