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Its finally duck season again… and you already know I’m talking about that Duck Sauce baby. The reclusive waterfowl duo, comprised of A-Trak and Armin Van Helden, blesses the world with a rare release titled “Get to Steppin,” in turn composing another slamming track to add to their wild and wide-ranging discography.


The smooth rising intro from a classic organ is swift and an easy-going way to get everyone locked into the track. The combination of that sweet, sweet saxophone and the organ in the first breakdown is absolutely jamming. The infectious lyrics “ya gotta keep on steppin’ brother man” are insanely catchy and easy to learn, yet insanely difficult to get out of your head. And I cannot let the PHAT bassline go without a word of praise. I mean, it cuts right through the track and can be the backbone for your dancing routine. This track means business and will absolutely get heads bobbing and feet moving.


“Get to Steppin” follows the recent release of “Smiley Face” and the widespread news the duo will make a highly-anticipated reappearance at Coachella 2020, followed by a May 9th Duck Sauce & Friends showcase in San Francisco and featuring ChromeoYung BaeThe MagicianNancy Whang, Biscits and DJ Dials. Buy tickets here.

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