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In March, Jhené Aiko released her third studio album, Chilombo. The album title refers to the singer’s last name and features various songs about her relationship with rapper, Big Sean. While “Triggered (freestyle)” and “None of Your Concern” refer directly to their breakup and her mental health – the songs, “P*$$Y Fairy (OTW)”, “B.S.” with H.E.R., and “Happiness Over Everything (H.O.E.)” featuring Miguel and Future, undoubtedly channel different energy, marking the versatility of styles featured on the album as a whole. Aiko uses Chilombo to talk about many important life themes that impact us all, like heartbreak, mental health, family, self-love, and confidence.

Watch Jhené’s ‘Triggered’ video

‘Chilombo’ follows Jhene’s 2017 album, Trip. Both albums heavily feature Big Sean and detail her relationship with the rapper. In addition to featured songs, “While We’re Young,” “Moments” (feat. Big Sean), and “Sativa” featuring Swae Lee, refer to it as well. This new album differs from Trip in its themes, with the first being named after an acid trip which is indicated by album opener “LSD.”

Trip highlights Jhene’s relationship with her daughter, mental health, and strays from more sexual themes. Chilombo, however, includes some sexual themes, made evident by the song, “P*SSY Fairy (OTW).” Chilombo and Trip both discuss Jhene’s personal life, and the two are similar in their mentioning of Big Sean and their relationship. Chilombo, however, is more about the two’s break up, although they are widely known to be back together now. Artists featured on the album include Big Sean, Miguel, Future, H.E.R., Nas, Ty Dolla $ign, and John Legend.

Watch Jhené’s ‘P*$$Y FAIRY OTW’ video

This new album follows the same calm, mellow vibes as Jhene’s other music. I normally listen to Jhene Aiko for calming, tranquil music. Chilombo continues to deliver on that no matter how frequently its listened to. Jhene expresses confidence in her music. It does not need powerful, fast beats to support it, and this album no doubt follows that trend. The tracks on the new album are calming and have satisfying beats guiding them. In addition to tracks already mentioned, start with “Triggered (freestyle),” “Tryna Smoke,” and “Party For Me” featuring Ty Dolla $ign. You won’t regret a second of it.

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