Illenium & Excision’s “Feel Something” is out via Astralwerks

Illenium, Excision, and I Prevail takes fans on a ride with the genre-defying track, “Feel Something, bringing together elements of melodic dubstep from Illenium, glitch-hop from Excision, and raw, fervent vocals from I Prevail‘s lead vocalist, Brain Burkheiser. In addition, the track features multiple steady, yet passionate build-ups that lead into intense drops that truly make you feel something. The intensity and vigorous track are accompanied by equally intense visuals in the lyric video below. As many fans may know, Illenium and Excision have mascots: the phoenix and tyrannosaurus, respectively. The video’s fight scene between the two mascots features visuals that are larger than life, yet significant to both artists.

Recently, Excision revealed to fans in a tweet that he has an upcoming album in the works. Moreover, in a tweet Excision further explains the backstory of how he and Illenium came about making the song. Upon the cancelation, of the Global Dance Festival, they were able to get in the studio and create “Feel Something.” As the second project that the exciting electronic duo has released, we are excited to see what the future holds for powerhouse duo, Illenium X Excision.

Illenium continues to build a cult following of “Illenials” that relentlessly support his music. He makes it a priority to stay close and connected with fans on social media. In light of all the cancellations of tours and festivals, he began live streaming sets and studio sessions. His recent album ASCEND racked up over 500 million streams to date. He went on to sell out stadiums across the nation on his ASCEND Tour. Despite the state of current events, we are confident that 2020 is going to be an exciting year for Illenium.

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