Red EP is the follow-up to 2019s Purple: Stream

Dylan has released her brand new EP, Red. Passion and determination are the driving force of her work, as well as exploring new emotions and releasing anger. On the single “Your Issues,” and follow-up “Good Enough,” Dylan paints a picture of her rage with intense storytelling. She’s realized that cutting ties with people who surround her with negativity and toxicity is the only way out. Nevertheless, she took control of every situation, proving to everyone she’s not powerless in any way.

With her brand new track “Wish You Weren’t Mine,” she’s closing a chapter of her life, where no matter what you do, you can never fully satisfy one (“And no, I don’t want to cuddle at night/But when I say no, I make you cry”). Relationships can get boring and unexciting, even to the point where you find yourself daydreaming about flirting with other people. It is indeed a cheeky track completely breaking off things with her ex.

On the other hand, “Guilty” is a song attacking societal prejudice. The track talks about the way naive individuals can easily get caught up in dangerous situations, whether it’s with other people, alcohol, or other substances. No matter how dangerous these cliché house parties can get, it is Dylan’s guilty pleasure (“This is my guilty pleasure, I know that I’m no better than this”).

Whether she’s channeling her anger and passion to talk about partying and breakups or using it as a means to address bigger issues, Dylan “seeing red” has helped to create her most exciting work yet. Stream Red on all available platforms.

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