“Mood Ring” is off Britney’s 2016 album, Glory

Britney Spears has officially released a song called “Mood Ring.” The absolute bop was originally a bonus track on the Japanese deluxe version of her 2016 album, Glory. Now available worldwide and already #1 on iTunes in over a dozen countries, the track is evidence of Spears’ timelessness and proof the world is beyond ready for an official follow-up to her latest album.

Somehow not a lead single, “Mood Ring” finds Britney singing in her deep register over incredible production by DJ Mustard. The hypnotic melody and trap-inspired electropop create a lush soundscape for Spears as she sings about her chameleonic love. We know she’s faced relationship woes in the past, but she’s focused on the intoxicating feeling of new love; and the feeling of being with someone that accepts her various sides while still igniting a tantalizing and passionate flame.

Despite its Japan-only release, “Mood Ring” is still a new song outside of her massive fandom. While the world anxiously awaits any indication Britney is working on her tenth studio album, she continues to make waves. She first shared a scorching new album cover for Glory and now returns with the release of one of her best songs in years. Stream it below.

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