Red EP is due for release on the 29th of May

Rising artist DYLAN returns with a new single, “Good Enough,” a song about recognizing an existential crisis and your worth. It’s the second single from her upcoming EP, Red, following the track “Your Issues.”

Most never see the negative sides of the people they’re attracted to, so realizing you’re in a toxic situation can be hard. Sometimes we only tend to realize it after we’ve been hurt. Even going so far to think that the root of the problem is, in fact, us.  Those feelings and thoughts are ones that inspired DYLAN’s new track.

According to DYLAN, the person the song was written about “made me feel like I would never be good enough for anyone. I hurt for a very long time after it ended, but after I wrote it all down, the hurt went away. Everything that was said I let get to my head, and it made me feel worthless, yet written down it was madness. I was never not good enough.”

The track was released alongside a music video, which captures DYLAN’s mood and the price of realizing that you were never the one who wasn’t good enough. It catches the reality of her life as a musician, complete with starring roles from her live band.

Her sophomore EP, Red arrives on the 29th of May. According to DYLAN, all of the songs have a different theme. “Red is the colour of energy, passion, ambition, and determination. It’s also the colour of anger and love. In the past 6 months, I’ve been having feelings I’ve never experienced before, and with all these emotions and found myself almost angry at the way our minds work. This is where the title Red comes from.” she explains. Watch the music video above and stream “Good Enough.”

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