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Swedish artist Tove Lo always delivers the best high-energy performances. Following the September 2019 release of her fourth studio album, Sunshine Kitty, the pop singer-songwriter stopped at The Fillmore Silver Spring for an insane show.
Tove Lo @ Fillmore Silver Spring (Matt Torres/Soundazed)    

One thing I’ve always loved about Tove Lo is that she doesn’t take herself too seriously despite her massive success. She’s always radiating the most amazing vibes and her vibrant shows feel so liberating and carefree. That same energy pulsates like a heartbeat throughout her music and with Sunshine Kitty, Tove Lo perfectly captures the confidence, playful lyricism, and thoughtful vulnerability that makes you want to blast her music on full volume.

Truly, Sunshine Kitty is some of Tove Lo’s best work yet. Aside from the fact that the album contains not a single skip, its cohesiveness and dedication to the darker and grittier side of pop music continue to differentiate Tove’s sound and makes her latest live show one of the best pop shows you can catch this year.
Tove Lo @ Fillmore Silver Spring (Matt Torres/Soundazed)

Tove Lo @ Fillmore Silver Spring (Matt Torres/Soundazed)
Tove Lo @ Fillmore Silver Spring (Matt Torres/Soundazed)
After an incredible set by ALMA, the Swedish singer-songwriter took the stage to “Gritty Pretty / Glad He’s Gone” and literally every single person lost their minds while dancing and singing along. After her breakout EP and four albums, Tove Lo has nothing but hits at her disposal and she made that so clear on this tour. Check out the GRAMMY-nominated “Glad He’s Gone” video.

Leading up to the September 2019 release of Sunshine Kitty, Tove Lo shared nothing but blazing hot bangers, including “Bad as the Boys” with ALMA, “Jacques” with Jax Jones, “Really don’t like u” with Kylie Minogue, and “Sweettalk My Heart.” After listening to the album for months, finally hearing these tracks live at The Fillmore Silver Spring felt like a dream come true.

Tove Lo @ Fillmore Silver Spring (Matt Torres/Soundazed)
In between dropping some of her new singles, Tove Lo took it back to her other albums for an amazing night. From “Cool Girl,” which has that delicious bassline, to the international hit “Talking Body” and one of my favorite Tove Lo songs of all time “Disco Tits,” the Sunshine Kitty Tour is not only made for Tove Lo superfans but for anyone that just wants to get lost in the rhythm.

Thankfully, Tove played most of her new album because I not only got to hear “Are U gonna tell her?” – one of the best songs on the new album – but also a few non-single favorites like “Shifted,” “Come Undone,” “Mateo,” and “Anywhere u go.”
Tove Lo @ Fillmore Silver Spring (Matt Torres/Soundazed)

After bringing ALMA on stage for a performance of “B*tches” (the track also features Charli XCX, Icona Pop, and Elliphant), Tove Lo performed a few deep-cut tracks and then closed out with the most epic three-song encore. Ready for this? She closed with “Sweettalk my Heart,” a track that documents the singer’s budding love affair, undisputable super hit “Habits (Stay High)” and “Bikini Porn.” The latter track was released earlier this year and features production by FINNEAS. It also has one of the funniest music videos I’ve seen recently.


The U.S. leg of Tove Lo‘s Sunshine Kitty Tour runs through February. Dates across Europe continue through March 2020 before confirmed performances at Hangout Music Festival, Firefly Festival, Mad Cool, and many others through August. See all future tour dates here and past Tove Lo coverage here.

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