Happiness in Liquid Form is out via Chess Club Records

Alfie Templeman has shared his fourth EP, Happiness in Liquid Form. The six-track release sees the 17-year-old artist at his most confident, most colorful, and most experimental. Inspired heavily by indie-pop and psychedelic rock, the EP perfectly blends lush, organic instrumentation with synths and textured sounds.

Happiness in Liquid Form delves deeper into the nostalgia-tinged rock of Alfie’s 2019 EP, Don’t Go Wasting Time. It finds Templeman exploring a sound similar to Arctic Monkeys and Tame Impala but refreshingly all his own. The title track, released in March and co-written by The Vaccines’ Justin Young, opens the EP like a ray of sunshine with an infectious bassline and rose-tinted melody. It’s an excellent first indicator of the bright sounds later heard on “Things I Thought Were Mine.”

While creating a more complex soundscape with this release, Alfie revisits elements of his earlier music on “Maybe This Is Time.” The powerful guitar-led melody, stripped vocals, and lyrics like “Something’s bound to begin/ It’s got to happen, happen sometime/ Maybe this time” are definite highlights leading into “Obvious Guy.” Funky ’70s vibes characterize a lot of Alfie’s music, but it is most present during “Obvious Guy.” Co-written by Nick Hodgson (formerly of Kaiser Chiefs), the laid back, bass-centered song is guaranteed to make you dance.

“Wish I Was Younger” follows as a lighthearted and empathetic take from the young artist. The song is written from the perspective of a married man who wishes he could’ve met his love interest at a younger age, so they could spend more time together. “My Best Friend,” his collab with Jess Eastwood of Coach Party, then closes the EP. The song has a brooding, dark pop vibe akin to Billie Eilish. While contrasting the EP’s “happier” songs, “My Best Friend” is still whimsical and shows another side to Templeman’s sound.

With this new EP, Alfie Templeman is starting to garner the recognition his music deserves. His singles, “Happiness in Liquid Form” and “Obvious Guy,” were crowned Hottest Record In The World by Annie Mac on BBC Radio. Alfie was also recently asked to participate in VEVO‘s DSCVR At Home series – demonstrating his talent as a charismatic entertainer.

At just 17, it’s clear Templeman has much to offer as a multi-talented artist. Happiness in Liquid Form might be some of his best work yet. It’s diverse, uplifting, dance-inducing, and carefree, while still telling introspective and intimate stories from a multitude of perspectives. The release also leaves a comfortable space for exploration and growth on future efforts. Necessary elements for an artist like Alfie Templeman to unleash his most potent music. Happiness in Liquid Form is out now via Chess Club Records. Stream it on all available platforms here and see past Alfie Templeman coverage here.

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