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There will always be a special place in our hearts for Juice WRLD, who left us way before his time back in December of 2019. How did Juice WRLD die? The super-talented rapper, singer, and songwriter was born Jarad Anthony Higgins and had just turned 21 before he passed away in a drug-related accident. We continue to honor Juice to this day, and for those who didn’t follow his career, we suggest going into the back catalog and gaining an appreciation for this amazing artist. Here are 5 Juice WRLD songs to start listening to:

5. Bandit ft. NBA Youngboy

Although Juice wasn’t known for doing a ton of collaborations, the times he did team up with other rappers were memorable. On this single from 2019, Juice and NBA Youngboy go hard on an uptempo trap beat with some psychedelic flair. Both rappers deliver aggressive verses and a melodic chorus. NBA Youngboy hopefully still has a long career ahead of him, so Juice fans should check him out in concert and hope he does a tribute to the fallen star.

4. Robbery

The most played track from his 2019 release Death Race for Love, this is a heart-wrenching song where Juice goes all out on the emotional vocals. Lyrically, the track captures the feelings of loss and love, as Juice feels like he had his heart robbed time and time again. The music video showcases some trippy nightmare sequences and a world engulfed in flame, which reflects the inner torment of Juice WRLD himself. Considered a crowd favorite at concerts, we will probably see this song remain on the top of the Juice Wrld playlists for years to come.

3. All Girls Are The Same

When Goodbye & Good Riddance dropped back in 2018, this was the opening track that turned the whole rap world on its head. Fans were instantly hooked by Juice’s pained and powerful delivery and the real-world struggles of romance that came across in the lyrics of this track. The song was certified 3X platinum by the RIAA and showed the industry that the young rapper was really resonating with the fanbase. It was this track alongside “Lucid Dreams” that put Juice on the map at the beginning of his career, and it will always be remembered as one of his definitive hits.

2. Wishing Well

The 2020 posthumous release of Legends Never Die was a massive success on Spotify, YouTube, and beyond. Zooming past Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and other megastars, the popularity of this album shows just how much support Juice had from his fans. Leading the charge on this monumental album is “Wishing Well” which has a sparkly guitar instrumental track and cerebral lyrics. The production is fantastic, and it feels like Juice was there for the entire creative process. We have to give credit to the masterminds behind this album fit for a legend.

1. Lucid Dreams

Here it is, the all-time greatest Juice WRLD song and the crown jewel of his artistic career. Even people who don’t describe themselves as fans of the genre can get into this song, as it blends pop, R&B, and even some electronic elements. While it didn’t reach #1 on the Billboard singles charts, it placed a close second and was the driving force behind the rapper’s initial burst in popularity. Will there ever be a track quite like “Lucid Dreams”? Probably not! We hope that Juice WRLD will never be forgotten, and listening to these top 5 songs will ensure he stays in our hearts and minds forever.

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