“Head Rush” is off In Standard Definition, due 04/23 on Paper Bag Records

While everyone this week is wondering whether there’s life on Mars, I’ll be kicking back to the Bowie-esque vibes of androgynous neo-glam artist Art d’Ecco and his sublime new song and video, “Head Rush.”

Channeling the best of 70s glam rock, the song is a sucker punch of nostalgia fused with invigorating modern intention and a hypnotizing frontman obsessed with bending the realms of dazzling art-rock. Aptly titled, d’Ecco’s new song is an extravagant endeavor of rumbling drums, buzzing guitars, and anthemic rock vocals.

“Head Rush” follows d’Ecco’s song “TV God,” which will both be featured on his upcoming sophomore album, In Standard Definition. Adding substance to immaculate style, the album commands attention with every turn as d’Ecco examines familiar tropes of a celebrity-fixated society, pop culture, and its effects on our daily lives, with a renewed and refreshing perspective.

At its core, In Standard Definition is a concept album that unleashes an episodic look into the curiosity of entertainment while oscillating between new wave and golden age glam rock. Joining forces with producer/engineer Colin Stewart, the album sees d’Ecco at his most meticulous yet. The album was recorded to 2-inch tape on a 50-year-old console through Stewart’s vintage setup, forming a musical reflection of the era it evokes.

In Standard Definition, out April 23rd, follows Art d’Ecco’s 2018 debut album, Trespasser, which developed a cult following for the rocker. Constantly evolving, the flamboyant artist prepares to unveil a grand opus poised to set the rock world ablaze.

in standard definition

In Standard Definition Tracklist
1. Desires
2. TV God
3. Bird Of Prey
4. Nothing Ever Changes
5. I Am The Dancefloor
6. Head Rush
7. Channel 7 (Pilot Season)
8. In Standard Definition
9. Good Looks
10. The Message
11. Channel 11 (Reruns)
12. I Remember

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