Watch the newest must-see video by Danish electronic-R&B duo WIINSTON

Daniel Richards and Alfred Thomas are collectively known as WIINSTON. A Danish electronic-R&B duo pairing atmospheric melodies with reflective and veracious lyrics. Their tracks are also known to be highly driven by the visual components that accompany them. Which often motivates WIINSTON to collaborate with a team of creative like-minds, to fully realize their visionary ambitions. Now, the duo returns with their first single of 2018, “Rosa.” The track is moody and mesmerizingly catchy and is accompanied by a cinematic video featuring an interesting love triangle.

Richards, who is also a film photographer, says “the visual element is 50 percent of this whole project. Today it seems like video is kind of a lost art, so we want to bring that back and create videos that are full-on short films.” We couldn’t agree more, and fully support the revival of music videos. Especially if they’re even remotely as good as “Rosa.”

Music Premiere

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