YUNGBLUD returned with another episode of his lighthearted “YUNGBLUD Show.” This latest episode featured Paris Hilton playing a hilarious game of Hot or Not, activist Kenidra Woods discussing the importance of Black Lives Matter, great performance interludes, and a huge announcement.

The live stream opened with one of the singer’s unreleased tracks, “The Emperor.” Paris then joined the show. She broadcasted from a room adorned with her many fragrances and a pink puppy that matched Dom’s socks. Clearly, she’s sliving.

Kenidra later spoke about the Black Lives Matter movement and why everyone needs to speak up and take action. During the recording, Dominic donated £5,000 to the cause. The pair also discussed why it’s crucial to vote in November and how to make waiting in line easier. Using privilege for the greater good and why it is essential to educate people were also discussed. Kenidra later thanked Dominic on Twitter for “reaching out and having passion” behind the movement.

Following Kenidra’s speech, the singer announced that the second part of his comic book, “Twisted Tales of The Ritalin Club,” is available for pre-order and is titled “Weird Times at Quarry Bank University.” Order copies here.

After protesting alongside Halsey earlier this month, fans were extremely thankful Yungblud used his platform to further educate people on essential matters such as BLM and white privilege. Watch the full episode above. Find more information on the Black Lives Matter movement here.

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