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Emerging Seattle-based artist Swagata Biswas has shared her second single, “Waves.” Reflecting on tides of change and promoting self-growth, the song explores life’s difficult turning points and seeing hardship as a precursor for something better to come.

“Waves” arrives following the release of Swagata’s breezy debut single, “Lens” and its Ben Fraternale-directed visual. Watch HERE. Led by Biswas on the acoustic guitar, and complemented by a haunting cello and soaring electric guitar, the track blends elements of indie soul, soft rock, and pop, while deeply immersing listeners through an introspective and pensive ode to navigating change while declaring the future will be brighter.

The powerful track is also a strong example of Swagata’s keen sensibilities for capturing raw and vulnerable human emotions and evolving them into comforting sonic escapes while providing strength to persevere and move forward – a compelling uniqueness that has already captured the attention of The Hype Magazine, Fretman’s Podcast, Offstage Tunes, and With Guitars.

Sharing the sentiment behind the track, Swagata says: “At times, it is important and necessary to take a moment to completely immerse yourself into everything you are feeling, good and difficult, and take that experience to invoke change and growth.” With “Waves,”  Swagata Biswas is not only stepping forward as a must-hear voice but also as a powerful songwriter with an unmissable message.

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Credit: Brian Wells

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