“Younger” closes The Hails’ 2020 debut EP, He Seems Upset

Two years after unveiling their blissful debut single, “Younger,” rising Miami band The Hails has delivered the song’s cinematic music video, and it’s worth checking out. Zack Laurence directed the video, which follows the five-piece band through a mind-bending and deception-filled plotline, a much darker tone than the dreamy track itself.

From the cinematography to the band’s fashion choices, the goal was to represent the classic swank associated with Miami, the city that birthed most of the band. The video is ambitious and shows off the development of their visionary talent as a rising band. The storyline was written by lead singer Robbie Kingsley and guitarist/vocalist Franco Solari.

Released in 2018, “Younger” is quickly zeroing in on five million Spotify streams. The song also closes The Hails’ 2020 debut EP, He Seems Upset, symbolizing the perfect cap to the band’s first era. The EP includes strong tracks like “Sippin on the Daylight,” which feels like a total slice of sunshine, “Situations,” and other tracks that prove their next era will be even better.

The Hails is Robbie Kingsley, Franco Solari, Dylan McCue, Andre Escobar, and Zach Levy. A five-piece band that sprouted from the University of Florida a few years ago. Stream their debut EP, He Seems Upset, below.

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