“Parasite” is out via Night Mode: Stream

AWAY, Roniit and Crywolf have followed up their collaborative single, “Parasite” with an equally dark and twisted music video, released this week on Trap Nation.

The track captures a tragic tale tapping into a world ruled by self-destructive tendencies and crippling self-loathing. “The parasite is the darkness that tells us to numb the pain, to self-medicate, to run full speed toward instant gratification,” reveals Roniit. “This song is about the daily battle we wage inside ourselves against dissociation, addiction, and the forces of annihilation.”

With such a real and overtly sensitive subject sitting at the core of their single, embodying its essence in a visual entailed enlisting the expertise of L.A. cinematographer Kassia Vera and visual artist Jenna Sherman. The end result is a deranged experience that only serves to intensify the song’s ominous and sadistic tone. Watch below.

In the video, Roniit is held captive, portraying a tormented pet of sorts clad in provocative BDSM attire, while AWAY and Crywolf watch over her with sadistic love and care. The affliction jumps out from the screen, as eye-grabbing shots of the tortured soul quickly cycle through to depict a life defined by bondage. Much like the audio itself, the visual for “Parasite” will attach itself to the viewer without ever letting go.

“The darker occult themes & symbology are representative of the darkness that lies within all of us,” shares AWAY on the visual. “Our internal struggles, traumas, self-doubt, lack of love for self & the battle you go through to reach the light, love & self-empowerment you deserve. To reach this, in my opinion, you must embrace & accept the shadow parts of your being & recognize your full self.”

“Parasite” began as an experimental private writing exercise for Roniit. Her goal was to make a song in one night with absolutely no boundaries, standards, or regard for external factors or branding. What came out was raw anger—an emotion rarely heard in the writing or production of Roniit’s typically ethereal music. After hearing the scratch track, AWAY immediately heard the potential and asked to work with it, bringing the mastery of his signature dark and distorted style, quickly developing it into a full track that blew away both of their expectations. Feeling like something was missing from the end, AWAY and Roniit brought in Crywolf, who helped perfect the writing, and jumped in to craft an ending section that takes the last portion of the song into his own dark world, a final plummet into the void. The song is out now via Night Mode, stream here.

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