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Rushing Back

Flume @ The Anthem DC by Nicole Cummings for Soundazed

D.C. comes “Rushing Back” for Flume @ The Anthem [Photos]

Flume’s new album Palaces is out now via Future Classic On June 9, 2022, Washington D.C.’s The Anthem welcomed Harley Streten, the Australian producer known globally as Flume, who achieved his first major breaks in 2012 with his self-titled debut album and his 2016 follow-up, Skin, which earned the DJ his first Grammy win for...

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Watch Flume’s “Rushing Back” Video featuring Vera Blue

“Rushing Back” is out via Future Classic Flume returns this week with a new video for “Rushing Back” featuring Vera Blue. Set in the one-of-a-kind Nissan 300ZX that made its unforgettable Hi This Is Flume debut earlier this year – watch as the pair cruise through storms of paper, inflatables, and other CGI and vibrant visuals...

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