Swedish pop artist FELIN shares her brand new single titled “Dear Boys,” a song that is “a letter to today’s men as well as future generations.” The song will feature on her upcoming album, Heroes & Villains, which arrives later this year. 

The song starts with a beautiful, poetic introduction from FELIN (Elin Blom). Contrasting the old “boys will be boys” mindset, Elin focuses on an equal future, “that’s secure for everyone, inclusive and non-judgmental, where everyone’s uniqueness will be celebrated instead of being questioned.” Blom also pays tribute to the men “who already break gender norms, who dare to express themselves fully, who dare to be vulnerable.” It’s truly a powerful song. Releasing alongside the track is an inclusive, diverse video you need to see. Watch below.

The music video resonates with the song perfectly; men fearlessly wearing makeup and clothes long considered “feminine” by society. Blom herself also appears in the video, telling their story, addressing stereotypical society pressures on boys around masculinity and identity. With the song, FELIN shares her hope parents will teach their sons that vulnerability is natural and something beautiful for both men and women. Listen to “Dear Boys” and keep an eye out for FELIN’s upcoming album.

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