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We’ve all been there. Staring at the phone at the end of a relationship, wondering if you should call or just let it go. It’s the sinking feeling when a quiet night feels louder than anything you’ve experienced, and the 2 am existential crisis strikes like a tidal wave. Cue, “I Was Waiting for You to Call,” the debut single by queer DC-based indie-pop artist Scorpio.

Without a doubt, being broken up with sucks, especially if the second time it happens is on your birthday. Still, Scorpio – the solo project by multi-talented artist Alli Vega – captures the visceral and raw emotions of heartbreak with an alluring precision that’ll have you singing at the top of your lungs, love-torn or not.

Part of that irresistible magic is fueled by the upbeat instrumentation and glowing synths juxtaposing the dramatic and vulnerable lyrics woven into “I Was Waiting for You to Call.” A potent combination that has produced some of the best sad/love songs out there. With a music video on the way and more aligned for 2021, Scorpio will prove DC produces the best talent.

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