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Today, LA-based artist/producer Socialchair is sharing his new single, “Used U” and it’s a must-hear pop track for anyone nostalgic for the golden era of 00s boy-band harmonies, anthemic hooks, and production. Fueled by tenuous relationships in his own life, the new single questions true motivations and the transactional nature of friendships. Stream “Used U” below.


Starting from an initial self-reflection of guilt, “Used U” gradually builds into a chorus that is simultaneously tongue-in-cheek, yet self-aware — imbued with an inkling of one’s own unrealized power within these situations. It accepts the fact that we all have used and been used by our friends. Dwelling on these shallow gripes only serves to continue the cycle of toxicity and focus undeserved energy toward ties you are, ultimately, better off cutting out of your life. “Used U” manages to simultaneously question and condemn the toxicity in our relationships while alternatively promoting themes of acceptance and forgiveness.


Socialchair plans to release a six-song EP early this summer titled, Cleaning Up, which deals with themes regarding self-reflection, masculinity, and ridding oneself of the toxicity in their relationships and lives. Of course, soaring melodies and gratuitous vocal harmonies will be featured as well.


Aside from his own music, Socialchair aka Eric Cross is quickly becoming an in-demand producer – working with Dorian Electra, Samantha Urbani, and Blood Orange collaborator, EVA, over the past two years.
“Used U” Credits:
Written, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Socialchair
Saxophone by Jeff Kolhede
Additional Keys by Bryan Senti
Additional Vocals by Eva Tolkin
Single art by Mood Killer
Photo by Fie1ds

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