IV is out via Viewfinder/FFRR/Parlophone

Sam Gellaitry has unveiled his long-awaited EP, IV, and it’s phenomenal. Never one to shy from emotive soundscapes, blasting bass, and quirky virtuoso synth work, Sam’s new project reveals a multi-faceted producer and songwriter successfully pushing the boundaries of his creative magnitude to deliver a special project.

Clocking in at 13 minutes, IV delivers a breathtaking 4-track body of work that finds the Scottish artist singing for the first time as he examines personal relationships and deep emotions through introspective and anthemic lyricism. “A New Dawn,” the EP’s aptly titled opening track, introduces the effort with cinematic grandiosity, unleashing an infectious bassline, otherworldly synths, and vocoder layered vocals with soulful lightness before nosediving into chaotic bass and textured harmonies. In the song, Sam attempts to reconnect with someone from his past while the song juxtaposes heavy beats with delicate highlights.

“A New Dawn” is the perfect opener leading to Sam’s standout song, “Duo.” It would be a crime to experience a summer where this song isn’t playing on the radio, at the club, in the car, or poolside. Beyond this project, it may be one of the best songs Sam has created so far. Cracking open with a menacing key progression and pounding drums, Sam is unapologetic in calling out the outside influences adding fuel to the flames of a failing relationship. With lyrics that will stick in your head for weeks and an alt-pop-infused, earworm melody, “Duo” is a showstopping moment waiting to happen and will have fans rushing to all of Sam Gellaitry’s sets.

Another first for the 23-year-old artist, “Duo,” is accompanied by a must-see music video featuring Sam performing the song through mesmerizing color gradients, strobing visuals, and mind-bending effects. If it’s any indication of the visuals we might be able to expect from a future tour, count me in.

Watch “Duo” by Sam Gellaitry

IV takes an experimental twist moments later on “Games,” the EP’s third track. “She’s playing games with you,” Sam croons throughout the slow-burning chorus. Guided by stripped vocals and acoustic guitars, the song builds until Gellaitry’s bone-rattling bass takes over. “You knew she was dangerous,” he later admits, revealing he’s found himself in the same predicament as before and “trying to force a revelation.” It’s Sam Gellaitry at his most confessional, while frenetic future bass sensibilities and bluesy jazz-tinged sounds unexpectedly begin to meld beautifully, creating a stunning look into Sam Gellaitry’s capabilities as a songwriter and artist.

Seamlessly dipping into the EP’s final track, “Assumptions” arrives suddenly and with a return to the danceable funk-leaning, disco melodies found earlier in the project. Bright and warm, the song’s vibrant arpeggio synths and buzzing instrumentation guide Gellaitry as he questions whether his love is reciprocated and delivers an impressive close to an EP you’d be foolish to miss.

One of his first original releases since 2018s, “Thinking,” IV, follows the 2021 release of “plan4me,” which was shared on the new platform Audius, and Sam’s trio of Escapism EPs which dropped in 2015-2017 on XL. Sam’s development as an artist and songwriter is clearly at the forefront and a complete tour de force on the new project. No doubt signaling the Scottish artist is embarking on an exciting new chapter still yet to be fully realized.

Reflecting, Sam shares: “I’m overwhelmed and overjoyed to be sharing this brand-new project to the world. I finally feel able to truly express myself as an artist through this newfound passion of songwriting. IV is my way of letting you into a day of my life by using each track as a timestamp of going through a 24-hour cycle and the emotions that come with it. Writing these tracks felt extremely therapeutic for me and helped me develop a deeper understanding of myself. I feel so blessed to finally be able to let everyone in on this new journey I’m on as a person as well as an artist, and there is so much more to come.”

IV is out now via the new home to Sam’s Viewfinder Recordings, FFRR Records/Parlophone. Stream here.

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