Dayglow’s debut album, Fuzzybrain is out now

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of seeing singer-songwriter Dayglow for his sold-out show at DC9. I arrived 10 minutes before doors but felt like I was already hours late by the crowd that was forming outside. When I entered the venue, I found more fans already waiting in a long line to enter. This alone says enough about Dayglow’s debut album, Fuzzybrain, and relatable spirit.

Dayglow @ DC9 (Isabela Torres/Soundazed)

He kicked off the show with the first song off his album, “False Direction.” The band started playing and instantly the entire crowd roared the lyrics back. Sloan Struble aka Dayglow then eased into the rest of the show with popular songs like “Fair Game” and of course “Fuzzybrain.” He also played one of his latest tracks, “Nicknames” which was so fun to dance to. Sadly he decided to rob me of seeing ‘Listerine‘ live, but that’s okay because this definitely won’t be my last time seeing Dayglow.

Dayglow @ DC9 (Isabela Torres/Soundazed)

The amount of energy generated on stage could’ve powered a whole city. The entire time the crowd, as well as the band, were bouncing in unison, proving a real connection was made in the intimate setting that DC9 provides. I couldn’t decide who sounded better, the crowd or the band. Dayglow was all over the stage and still managed to deliver those a1 vocals – in a cowboy hat nonetheless. While his US tour has come to an end – Dayglow’s run continues across Europe in late November and if we’re lucky he’ll tour his complete album soon. Listen to Fuzzybrain below and see the rest of my photos from the show.


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