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Australian trio daste. returns with their latest single, “About Us” – a spellbinding electrofunk jam with the smooth flares of excitement that make their music impossible to miss. From the sweet lo-fi sound to the luscious bass and percussions that produce an irresistible pulse, the rising band has certainly found the perfect groove on their latest release.

“About Us” expresses the indecision many of us have felt. Wondering whether to stay or go, if the love shared was then wasted, and weighing the effects of those actions. “I can never make up my mind/About us” rings out decidedly from the trio composed of Callum MacDonald, Tyler Harden, and Braxton Tai – yet the line is as revelatory and assured as it is a vulnerable confession.

This latest single from daste. finds the trio developing beyond their strictly DIY mindset, enlisting the bright mixing and co-production of JIM ALXNDR. “A key part of moving forward meant leaving some of those aspects behind and allowing ourselves to focus on producing and songwriting,” the band shared in a press release.

Along with their first single of the year, daste. announces their anticipated EP, Same As It Ever Was. The follow-up to 2019s Palette EP will also feature co-production and mixing by JIM ALXNDR and will mark their first release since signing to Mammal Sounds Management alongside the strong Jez Ryan-led roster of Golden Vessel, Benji Lewis, cln and Midnight Pool Party.

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